SITI Broadband 50 Mbps Plan will Make you Feel Good!!

SITI Broadband 50 Mbps Plan will Make you Feel Good!!

In two to three years, major broadband companies are participating in the broadband internet service in India. One of them is SITI Broadband. Each broadband company is adding an entry-level plan to its plans so that the middle-class family can take advantage of this quickly and subscribe to it without any doubt in mind. SITI Broadband also has an entry-level plan, slightly different from the other broadband company and giving extra value-added service. Nowadays, all broadband companies offer internet service for either entry-level user, 30 Mbps speed limit, otherwise 100 Mbps or 150 Mbps internet speed limit. SITI Broadband is a company that provides Internet service of 50 Mbps speed too, which middle-class users appreciate.

Big broadband companies like JioFiber, BSNL, and Airtel Xstream are also increasing their number of users in the market day after day. All companies have set the amount for the entry-level plan, and it is around Rs.500. It is suitable for online classes for students and, to some extent, for online office works. But for gamers, the demand for slightly more Mbps speed and video chatting has been waiting for middle-class subscribers for many days. Now SITI Broadband is addressing the same need. The broadband SITI features a 50 Mbps plan that will help meet the demand of these gamers and video chat completely.


Why SITI Broadband?

  • The SITI Broadband Service offers you a better 50 Mbps high-speed internet at an affordable price.
  • Better for Gamers and video chatting.
  • SITI Broadband removes all blockages in regular internet connection by using unique technologies. However, the company also provides you with 100 Mbps high bandwidths. Optical fiber cable network this broadband service provides flawless, smooth Internet.
  • It will double the pleasure of watching smart TV.
  • It includes login free, a ready internet, which will receive as soon as your computer is on.
  • This broadband internet comes in an affordable and exciting plan.
  • Well-trained network distributors, franchisees, and maintenance engineers are always ready to solve any problem on the Internet.


SITI Broadband 50 Mbps Plan Details

Currently, SITI Broadband has launched this 50 Mbps speed internet service in the Gwalior city of Madhya Pradesh. The company hopes to bring this plan to all circles of India at the earliest. This plan has kept at 499 per month, which is going to get you around Rs. 590 with all taxes.

Note here is that every Broadband service company informs users of its data usage limit under Fair Usage Policy. But SITI Broadband has not confirmed the Fair Usage Policy yet. It is expecting that the company will provide some benefit to the users for long-term recharge.


Long Term Recharge Benefit

If you take this 499 plan of SITI Broadband for six months, then you will get 1-month internet service free. And if you recharge long-term for ten months, you will get two months extra internet service, for which you will not have to pay any separate money.


SITI Broadband Terms and Conditions

Like every company, the SITI Broadband Company also has Terms and Conditions. Let’s see what the rules are taking a broadband connection. If you want to take the modem or Router of SITI Broadband at the time of connection, separate charges will have to pay. If you use your own modem/router, then the company will not take activation charges. During the service, if you return SITI provided modem and want to replace it with your modem/router, then the company will not return the activation charge.

Like every broadband company, a security deposit is also received from users, which can refund only three months of use.



We hope SITI Broadband will bring this 50 Mbps plan all over the internet circle in India very soon. All middle-class users will be able to access high-speed Internet at an affordable price.

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