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Who We Are?

Allow us to introduce tekGinie, a well-established and SEO-friendly website development company based in India. Our forte lies in presenting your business or services with the utmost elegance and professionalism, akin to the way prominent brands do. Engaging our web development service guarantees a user interface (UI) that elevates conversion rates, accompanied by visually enthralling graphics.

We take pride in our ability to create an appealing design and content abundant with strategic keywords, specifically tailored to propel your website to the top of Google Search Results. The content crafted by our experienced writers is rich in relevant keywords, ensuring that it aligns with the intent of your visitors and effectively attracts organic traffic. As a result, the duration of visits to your website increases significantly, ultimately leading to valuable leads and conversions.

Why You Must Have A Website?

Strengthen Your Online Presence: A website represents your business, online 24/7, ensuring potential customers can explore your business or services effortlessly, as per their availability.

Credibility and Trust Factor: Through a well-designed website, you can portray your credibility, showcasing your products and services and also displaying genuine testimonials that resonate with your probable customers, that generates trust in your brand.

Reach a Global Audience: The main reason one must have a website is to overcome local limitations, captivating a wide audience from various regions globally, which helps in expanding your customer base exponentially.

Gives a boost to Marketing Efforts: A website serves as your marketing brochure, giving you the ability to pursue digital marketing strategies like SEO, content marketing, and social media integration.

Accessibility and Convenience: Customers can access complete information about your business and services, and contact details, and can explore purchasing options, all accessible within your website, making interactions with your business a delightful experience.

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How much it is going to cost to develop a SEO friendly, CMS based website?

At tekGinie, being affordable is the goal. We can assure you that an SEO-friendly, CMS-based website does not cost a bomb. We will develop a website with SEO-friendly and responsive design. It will have inquiry or subscription forms, creative graphics, and service-oriented icons, appropriate Call to Actions (CTA) buttons, wireframes to create a rich and satisfying user experience. The responsive web layout will deliver an equal visual experience for all types of screens; i.e. mobile, desktop, or tablet devices. We are one of the most affordable website development companies in India. Being one of the rapidly growing SEO-friendly website development company in Kolkata, India, we assure that our client’s web profile stays flawless.

What do you mean by SEO friendly website?

SEO friendly website means a website that is easy to optimize for increased search engine visibility. Primarily, we can call a website SEO friendly, that fulfills these basic Google recommended criteria like – Good design, well-written content for every page, properly structured URLs, proper call to action between contents, proper interconnected pages, etc. Any experienced website development company can fulfill these requirements easily. After development is done and you are thinking of hiring an SEO agency to do actual SEO for your website these primary works save a lot of time and money.

What is CMS? What is CMS based website?

CMS is the abbreviation of Content Management System. It is the backend of a website from where you can manage the entire frontend and other functionalities. CMS is basically an all-in-one website management tool. Some of the well-known CMS are WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc. Websites created with any of the CMS available in the market are called CMS-based websites. We can create a static HTML website. But that is a tedious job, and you get very limited opportunity to change anything on the website or if you need to do SEO on it, or to implement some dynamic function in your website.

What CMS do you use to develop website?

Nearly 95% of website in the world today runs on any one of the CMS available in the market. Between them, WordPress is the market leader. It is said that about 2/3rd of dynamic CMS-based websites run on WordPress. We also use WordPress to develop websites for our clients. But we also use other CMS like Magento, Drupal, Zencart, etc. if there is any specific requirement from the client. We also develop E-commerce websites based on WordPress CMS. We have in-house content writers who write website content, blog articles, promotional content, or any other type of professional content as per your requirement.

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tekGinie, as one of the best SEO Friendly web development companies in India, our focus always stays on creating long-term relationships with the client & provide result-oriented service so we can rip the benefit of referrals on a further journey.  tekGinie aims to provide high-class device-independent websites, made to attract more organic traffic, so we always give our best on every project as if that is our own. We have the infrastructure to support SMEs, SMBs, Enterprises, and big brands who are fed up with expensive but poor service. We are an affordable yet trustworthy website development company in Kolkata, India, who always complete projects within budget and way before deadlines. We keep a very simple target for every project, i.e. create an appealing, content-rich, & high-quality website for clients that ensures ROI.


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