No more WhatsApp calling after the deadline of 15th May!!

No more WhatsApp calling after the deadline of 15th May!!

Today is the last day for using WhatsApp with all features. WhatsApp is entering into a modified era with its new privacy policy from 16th May 2021. After 15th May, WhatsApp will also stop some more basic features including calling features.

If you want to use all the features of WhatsApp, today is the last date to adopt the new privacy policy of the company. After today, WhatsApp will get you with all the features only if you accept its privacy policy. However, the company has made it clear that the WhatsApp account will not be deleted. But it will work limited until you do not adopt the privacy policy.


▪All WhatsApp accounts will be safe.

▪Message service will continue in WhatsApp.

▪With the feature of WhatsApp calling, other basic features will be discontinued; if you do not accept the privacy policy.


If you want to enjoy all the features of WhatsApp messenger, you have to accept the privacy policy by 15th May this year. Before this, WhatsApp announced that the company will protect all accounts of WhatsApp users whether they accept the privacy policy or not. But until they accept it, they will be kept out of some basic facilities. Because of this, there is a stir in the whole social world about WhatsApp.

Now the company has said that if users do not accept the policy, then they will get limited functionality of WhatsApp and it will act only as a messenger. If the user continues to ignore the reminder and does not accept the policy, the user will continue to receive the policy through the notification or popup at all times to accept the policy. After a few days, such a situation will come whenever you open WhatsApp, only then you will see this notification permanently on your screen. The only way you will then have to accept the privacy policy for accessing the chat list or sending messages.

Maybe for a few days, you will continue to take limited service of WhatsApp, but after a few weeks of limited functionality, you will not be able to receive incoming WhatsApp calls or notifications and after that, it will stop sending messages and calls. Users will get irritated at one time and will have to choose then – either they accept the new terms or forget WhatsApp forever.

In January, WhatsApp informed users about the new privacy policy through in-app notifications. At that time, everyone had also started getting a new privacy policy through the leading newspaper. The company gave the users till 8 February, very little time to accept the new privacy policy, but did not give any clear indication about the privacy policy to the users. The different policy was adopted for each country. Many users had migrated to other messaging apps like Signal and Telegram at the time. Users feared that the company would be shared user’s personal information with Facebook. The WhatsApp Company had made it clear at that time that there would be no change in their data sharing policy. Chats are encrypted, so they can never be accessed by the WhatsApp Company or anyone other than the sender and receiver.

After losing a lot of users, the company extended the deadline and finalizes 15th May this year. According to an earlier announcement, the company discontinues the entire service only if the company did not adopt the new policy. Later WhatsApp made the process a bit easier and announced to keep its service running to some extent.

The company may have devised this new trick for the users to adopt all its policies, which will gradually entice the users into the company’s grip.

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