New WordPress 5.7 update makes a site more secure

New WordPress 5.7 update makes a site more secure

We all, who are creating and maintaining websites professionally, know about WordPress CMS. Recently WordPress officially rolled out WordPress 5.7 updates with HTTPS, New APIs, UI Updates, Lazy-Loading, and much more. It’s now easier to handle than all the previous versions.


In this article, we will discuss the changes WordPress is offering us with this version update.


Core Web Vital Score

In 2021, Google updated its algorithm for a slight ranking boost that has passed the Core Web Vitals score. A score that shows how a webpage delivers a good or bad user experience while browsing the website. The score shows what is achieved and what is not achieved in the Core Web Vitals test. So, web publishers have the challenge of achieving the pass mark on the Core Web Vitals score while building a website with WordPress. Too much code results in a slower loading web page and the worst experience for a user. To maintain a ranking boost in Google, you must improve your page speed performance. You must optimize the metrics which are being used – i.e Loading, Interactivity, and Visual Stability. Loading (Largest Contentful Paint) occurring within 2.5 seconds will fetch a good score. Next is Interactivity (First Input Delay) less than 100 milliseconds and Visual Stability (Cumulative Layout Shift) in less than 0.1 seconds will bring a good Core Web Vitals Score.


Gutenberg Editor 10.1 for WordPress

Gutenberg is a page builder interface. Some blocks (pre-made layout pieces) are used for creating a web page. You can make an excellent-looking and very fast loading webpage by using Gutenberg Editor. With this editor, you can change in following fields without customs code writing.


# Font size adjustment: Now, you can control font size right from the list and code blocks.

# Reusable blocks: Easy to use reusable blocks, and after the update, blocks will save automatically.

# Insert drag and drop: Now, you can drag and drop block patterns.

# Cover Block: Using Cover Block, you can give a professional look by uploading an image or video.

# Button Blocks: Choose Vertical or Horizontal layout and width of a button

# Social Icon blocks size: Now, you can change the size of any social icon.



Now we can switch HTTP to HTTPS in one click without installing an extra plugin. Nowadays, hosting providers offer this feature by default, but if your hosting is not providing this feature, and if you want to redirect all traffic to HTTPS, then you must use this feature. WordPress now gives you to switch all traffic of your websites from HTTP to HTTPS in a single click.

JQuery new version 3.5.1

If you have a theme in which JQuery is being used, you must install the ongoing cleanup JQuery Migrate plugin. It is available in the WordPress repository.

New Robots API for WordPress

WordPress users can mix filter directives under meta tags of robots. To increase the potentiality of more traffic in your site, WordPress 5.7 comes enriched with “max-image-preview API in-built.

Lazy loading Iframes

Lazy loading Iframe developed by google to speed up your website. It helps to increase the performance of a webpage. Now it is not necessary to install an extra plugin for lazy loading in WordPress.


We hope this article gave you some overview of what is coming with the upcoming WordPress 5.7 update. Let us know what features you like most.

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