Leave the Surgical mask and go with Smart Mask

Leave the Surgical mask and go with Smart Mask

Today, you can fall in danger in this pandemic situation if you go out without wearing a mask. However, you should wear a surgical mask instead of wearing any other masks available in the market because it is much more secure. But today, I am writing this article about another mask that is Smart Mask or Xupermask.

The world is busy fighting against this coronavirus, and most people worldwide are being vaccinated. However, it has become necessary to wear a mask to exercise caution. It is being widely used in all sorts of public places like cinema halls, stadiums, concerts or airports.


What is Xupermask/Smart Mask

Xupermask, honeywell, will-i-am, super maskThis smart mask you can see as a personal protective gadget. It was first designed by Hollywood costume designer Jose Fernandez, who created a SpaceX suit for Elon Musk and his other memorable designs are “Black Panther,” “Avengers”, and “X-Men 2” suits to name a few. He did this. The e-mask costs $ 299, which is a lot more than a normal face mask.

Xupermask is a silicone face seal that is highly comfortable and protected with elastic straps. It has a HEPA filter, active noise-canceling audio, and mic, Bluetooth 5, earbud docking system, and LED inbuilt innovative face mask. It can give 7 hours battery backup. You can wear it 365 days, and anywhere you can go with it.


First found

The chief executive of cloud computing, Marc Benioff, first observed it in an MTV award show. The famous rapper and founding member of Black Eyed Peas, Will.i.am, aka William Adams, came wearing this type of mask; The mask is a mixture of gas masks and alien space helmets. Will.i.am and Honeywell introduced the first attached mask.


What is the problem with a normal mask?

According to medical experts, wearing a surgical mask is the only option to stay safe. Due to a shortage of masks, people started making them at home. After that, some fashionable masks capture the market. All of these masks have a lot of disadvantages. The formation of fog in your spectacles sometimes leads to the warmth inside the masks, and breathing trouble.


Advantages of Smart Mask

The mask has LED light, Bluetooth earbuds, which are magnetically locked into the mask. The HEPA filter is present so that the ventilation can be done correctly.

The leading manufacturer is Honeywell.

Xupermask comes in two colors, black, and orange. Sizes are two types S/M and M/L, including a Xuperkit. Xuperkit included a carry case, three month supply of HEPA filters, multi-size ear tips, a USB-C charging cable, and a fabric mask. This Xupermask is designed collaboratively by Will.i.am and Jose I. Fernandez with Honeywell.



  • Face technology
  • High-performance material for comfort & mobility
  • Active 3-speed dual fans
  • Hepa filters
  • 30 days replaceable HEPA filters
  • Active noise canceling audio
  • Bluetooth®5.0 connectivity
  • Qualcomm qcc5124
  • Integrated noise reduction microphone
  • Up to 7 hours battery life on a single charge
  • External charging port – the mask can be worn while charging
  • Led day glow lights
  • Multi-function button controls
  • A magnetic earbud docking system
  • Adjustable custom designed head strap for ergonomic fit
  • Patented design & ip protected
  • Available in 2x sizes – sm/ml
  • Available in 2x colors


No approval or clearance certificate is received yet by the company from Govt. Organizations or certification authorities. Only the EUA approves it. This Super-mask has considered for emergency use only right now.

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