Google is going to block apps! Let’s Know Why!!

Google is going to block apps! Let’s Know Why!!

Google declared significant changes from May 5 onwards in its play store policy. According to Arstechnica’s report, Google’s updated Developers Program Policy. All app developers must provide factual and reasoned information related to apps from May 5 onwards. This information will be about an app on the user’s phone should be allowed to access the other installed app’s knowledge on the phone. Failing to comply with the New Google Play Store Policy, Google may block your app and remove it from the Play Store listing.



  • Updated Developers Program policy for Play Store from May 5
  • Learn why Google changed this policy
  • Know which apps are going to be blocked


Google is preparing to make a big announcement for company users. Google is ready to implement several changes with its new Play Store policy from May 5. The company itself has announced this. According to a new update from the company, all the app developers using Google Play Store App Hosting Platform will have to provide factual and reasoned information from May 5. Now onwards, app developers must provide the reason and intention to Google for continuing Play Store Hosting. There are some Play Store apps, which ask for multiple access permission from users before using the apps.

Google will now collect the purpose for collecting these sensitive user information from the app developers. But, Google has given an exemption of banking apps due to high-security reasons.

According to a report, Google has updated its Developers Program Policy. Under this update, an app on the phone is not allowed to access another app’s data. At present, in Android 11, every sort of permission from all the apps in the phone is sought. However, the company will now have to change this policy citing user data security issues.

Why Google changed this policy

Some apps are available on the Google Play Store that, if installed by the user, asked for permission to access the rest of the app’s data on the phone. There were huge risks associated with this practice, as the possibility of leaking user’s important information is very high. Various information like password management, affiliation, banking, and political choice might reveal. At the same time, now the company will take all information about the purpose, search and interoperate for launching the app from the app developers in its Play Store.

Which apps are going to be blocked

All apps spying and taking sensitive information from users will stop from May 5, 2021. Currently, many such apps are available on the Play Store, which are working as spying apps and their intention are suspicious. Google will shut down those apps from May 5 onwards.

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