Google Chrome will remove all cookies from the browser by 2022

Google Chrome will remove all cookies from the browser by 2022

Google has begun replacing third-party cookies with its proposed advertising technology. Two weeks ago, Google announced that it had begun embedding new ad technology in its chromium-based browsers. This is called Federated Learning of Cohorts, or FLoC Technology.


Inside the FLoC Technology

FLoC Technology is a kind of algorithm that will add you to the common history group from the history of the browser you use so that the advertiser can easily target you. These FLoC cookies are more personal than traditional cookies. However, it is now in the test run phase, and there is still room for doubt about its privacy if it is not implemented properly.

Opinions of other browser vendors

Other browser vendors are refusing this new technology.

Google Chrome is powered by an open-source project. So there is no problem running the test of FLoC here. But, other browser vendors who use proprietary code, are refusing to implement this new technology.

The claim that there is a possibility of sensitive data leak with any faulty application of FLoC and all its responsibility will fall on the browser vendor.

According to many, it reveals the privacy of the users in the name of privacy-friendly. Many believe that the FLoC prioritizes Google’s financial gain over privacy concerns.


What other Browser vendor says

In this regard, Opera browser states that their popular browser is being used for a long time and it is probably the first browser with a built-in ad blocker and in-browser VPN. Opera complies with all privacy requirements. After the implementation of FLoC, the day of third-party cookies will end. In the absence of third-party cookies, cross-website tracking will be significantly reduced.

A well-known company called DocDoggo has created a browser extension that once added to the browser will not allow this new FLoC technology cookies. On the other hand, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has created a website that will let you know if any browsers have used FLoC technology. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a staunch opponent of Google’s FLoC.

Microsoft Edge is a chromium-based browser not developed by Google. Now let’s see what Microsoft does. If Microsoft does not support this FLoC technology, then this FLoC technology from Chrome will go into the coffin.

Apple’s browser Safari said they have not yet made a final decision regarding acceptance of the new FLoC technology.


Proposal from web browser vendors

The world’s leading browser vendors are coming up with a new proposal. But that is yet to be revealed publicly.

The world’s leading companies associated with web browsers such as Google, Apple, or Microsoft each have their own opinions on how the ad will work.


Start to block third-party cookies

Some browsers are now blocking third-party cookies. Google Chrome has taken the lead in blocking cookies. Google will block all types of cookies in chrome 2022. However, in 2021, they are not going to implement.

Now let’s see which way Google Chrome goes with this FLoC technology. We have no choice but to wait.

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