Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram & Twitter To Be Blocked in India Very Soon!

Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram & Twitter To Be Blocked in India Very Soon!

Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram & Twitter to be blocked in India very soon!

Social Media Sites Banned In India from 26th May 2021!! In the last two to three days, some users started discussing whether all the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram; all are going to be blocked by the Indian Government.

You can remember, just three months ago, the Indian Government brought a new guideline regarding all these social media platforms. But it is being told that none of these social media platforms has followed this guideline yet.

Indian Govt. can most probably ask for answers from all these social media companies in a few days, whether they have started following this new intermediary guideline or not? This new intermediary guideline came to force three months ago, and the social media company had three months to comply with it. If the companies have not yet taken the necessary steps to comply with it correctly, then the Government can take strict action against the companies for non-compliance. If the companies do not follow this guideline, the Indian Government can block the social media platforms until they fully comply with the new rule.


What is in this guideline?

The social media platform is protected Under Section 79 of the Information Technology Act. Due to this protection, if a person posted anything using social media, the parent company is not directly responsible for it in any way; as the company acts as a mere career. With the new guideline, the Government is withdrawing the same protection, and the social media companies will be directly responsible for posting any objectionable content or fake news by a subscriber, and the Indian Government may send notice to the company and the subscriber from now on.


Who is following the guideline and who is not?

So far, the Indian company Koo has been seen as the only social media company that has followed this guideline to its fullest. This new guideline states that if a social media company has below 50 lakh subscribers, it is not mandatory to follow this guideline.

The department of Information Technology had introduced this Intermediary guideline and on 25th February 2021. Indian Government gave three months to all large social media companies (with over 50 lakh subscribers) to comply with the new rules. The deadline has ended on 25th May 2021. 26th May onwards, all significant social media companies may lose their status and protection as intermediaries and may liable for criminal action by the new guidelines.

According to the new guideline, every large social media company must appoint three officers within three months.

  1. Resident Grievance Officer
  2. Chief Compliance Officer
  3. Nodal Contact Person.

According to the new guideline, social media platforms must mention a local contact address in India on their official website so that any user can complain regarding any content on their website. If any person complains about any content or post on their website, the company must have a swift Grievance Redressal mechanism to address the user and solve it within 15 days. This guideline has also mentioned that social media companies must have their automatic tool to verify and remove harmful content. A company must create a monthly report according to their progress on the new guideline.

The benefit of the new guideline

When any social media victim has suffered; they did not know how to and whom to approach in that particular social media platform. Now they will have a physical location as well as some real person to approach the first hand and seek the primary help.


All social media company is expecting three months extension from the Indian Government to follow the new guideline. Now it is being closely watched that if the Indian Govt. gives an extension of 3 months or not.


Now the Million Dollar question is “If an extension of 3 months is not granted, will the big social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram be blocked?”

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