Excitel Broadband provides cheaper broadband in major cities!

Excitel Broadband provides cheaper broadband in major cities!

Excitel Broadband a New Delhi-based Internet service provider revised its tariffs in October, last year. The plans are budget-friendly and you can super benefit if you go for a long time broadband recharge plan. As per Exicitel Ceo, they are targeting to achieve top 10 to top 3 fiber wifi broadband services in India by 2021.

TRAI’s Report

A local internet service provider in your city may the channel partner with Excitel ISP. As per TRAI quarterly Report, Excitel Broadband has reached under the top 10 internet service providers in India with 0.06% of the market share. Excitel targeting 70% of the urban population where big names like Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone Idea did not reach yet and those subscribers who can afford the tariff comfortably. Now, they have 4-5 lakh subscribers and growing day by day.


Excitel Broadband’s Journey

Excitel started its journey as a broadband service provider in September 2015 with a very little number of cities. Due to Corona Pandemic situations the number of employees who are working remotely increased remarkably. Excitel Broadband installed over 25,000 during the complete lockdown phase. Now they meet the rising demand for broadband connections. They are targeting more A and B class cities/towns where established broadband services have a large market share.


Affordable and values for money

This is what makes Excitel Broadband unique. Their strategy towards the broadband market and access for everyone to high-speed Fiber to Home broadband connection. It is affordable and values for money for an average person. Currently, they are operating in Delhi NCR, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vijaywada, Rohtak, Varanasi, Unnao, Gorakhpur, Prayagraj, Jhansi, Vishakhapatnam, Guntur, Jaipur and connecting more cities.


Why Excitel Broadband (USPs)?

#          Regional partner network delivered local support within very short notice.

#          Super Saver Pack for long-time plan recharge.

#          Affordable for all kinds of subscribers.

#          No installation Charges. Refundable security deposit Rs.2000

#          Pan India Same tariff plan.

#          Being Partner with a local broadband provider, no extra burden to maintain or hire service people.

#          All lower to middle-class family can afford their broadband

#          Truly Unlimited, no FUP


Excitel Broadband Tariff Plans

All plans are truly unlimited (No FUP or upper data caps).

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Image source: www.excitel.com


During lockdown and onward most of the IT companies decided to work from home for their employees. Most of the employees realized that mobile data is not suited for work, although fulfill their social media and other application work fine to some extent when we talk about truly unlimited and consistent internet then they must go for wireline broadband. Because for work they need a steady and speedy connection with heavy bandwidth. There is no other option when a meeting (Video conference, online classes for students who studied at school/colleges or gaming except wireline broadband. The demand for this service increasing day by day because IT companies are also realized that they are getting a more positive result from an employee when they are working from home.

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