Robots are distributing rations through Online App!

Robots are distributing rations through Online App!

OTSAW Delivery Robot

Delivery Robot is the latest addition that is going to replace the human resource. Technology has updated so much that in the near future robots can deliver your online order at your home. Yes, you may be surprised to know after reading this article that Robots can replace your humble delivery guy.  Introducing a robot that makes it possible. Camello is the name of that robot which is delivering ration and medicines door to door.



  • Robots are working as waiters in hotels in many places
  • Robots are delivering goods and medicines at home
  • Door to door delivery of ration and medicine to 700 houses during trial

What are Robots?

We all have an idea about robots. Generally, the idea is a figure that resembles with human and does some difficult works and talks in a mechanical voice, just like the Sci-fi movies. But the real thing is that machines that can do specific or multiple types of repetitive work after getting the command without any human intervention can be called robots. Engineering and technology produce Robots. Robots are different in different fields. Military Robots, Industrial Robots, construction robots, Agricultural Robots, medical robots are few names we already know. Now it is time for Delivery Robot.


Technology for Mankind

During the Corona Virus pandemic, everyone needed goods at home and follow the social distancing in its entirety.  Technology has made it possible by creating robots. These robots proved very helpful when you need social distancing and safety. These robots can deliver ration and medicines to your premises.

Today, so many companies in the country and the world are producing robots. Using robots are various fields, like waiters in restaurants, cashiers in hotels, and even for driving cars.

Customers who want delivery of goods at their home can easily book a delivery slot at home. Customers can order milk and eggs at their homes. During the delivery, the app notifies the users that the robot has arrived near their home. Now they have to go there and collect their goods.


About OTSAW Digital

A Leader in the Autonomous Robotics industry.  is a Singapore-based company Founded in 2015.  Developing robotics technology and Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare, Security, Delivery, and Mobility applications. Building autonomous robots and implementing self-driving and AI-based technologies founded by Ting Ming Ling.

OTSAW Digital Products

  1. O-R2 Multipurpose concierge and security robot.
  2. O-R3 The world’s first autonomous security patrol robot. It is a combination of surveillance drones and self-driving vehicles. It works collaboratively surveillance system Unmanned ground vehicle and unmanned aerial vehicle system.
  3. O-RX World’s first UV-C LED disinfection robot.


And Camello the flagship Delivery Robot

OTSAW Digital proudly launched Camello officially on 11th February 2021. Camello delivered on-demand parcels and groceries to over 700 premises in a year. OTSAW collaborated with NTUC FairPrice, CM Logistics, HDB, IMDA, URA to trial run Camello. In this trial run, OTSAW gathers some data of consumer habits, needs, requests, and feedback/comments, etc. OTSAW aims to deliver medicines and groceries where there is a shortage of labor or a location that is not easily and economically accessible by humans.

The chief executive Ling Ting Ming said it will help people to receive contactless and human-less delivery in this pandemic situation.

The day is not far when the robot will do everything by himself

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