AirTag!! The Newest member in Apple’s family!!!

AirTag!! The Newest member in Apple’s family!!!

Now you can find anything, even with closed eyes. Not finding any essentials or valuables things seems time-wasting and irritating. To solve this problem, Apple Inc. has launched a new gadget under the name of Apple AirTag. Apple has made this possible through the U1 chip. You can get this Apple AirTag Tracker in India for Rs 3,190. It is the cheapest gadget in Apple’s product range. Let’s first understand what a U1 chip is?


What is U1 Chip and Ultra-Wideband Technology?

The U of the U1 chip is derived from the Ultra-Wideband. It is not at all that this technology is entirely new, and Apple has only adopted this technology. UWB is a communication system that employs a bandwidth frequency above 500 MHz. It is a short-range wireless communication protocol similar to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that works via radio waves. But due to its high frequency, it quickly detects other UWB enabled chips. This UWB enabled chip has continuous scanning so that searching is not stopped until the lost item can found. This UWB technology is going ahead and is going to be very useful shortly.

U1 chip is Apple’s product which has been given in Apple’s new phone so that you can find another Apple phone from one Apple phone.

If you have lost anything, and Apple AirTag Tracker is installed on it, you can easily find the bearer through the Find My app.


Apple AirTag Tracker supportable phones

Currently, Apple AirTag Tracker is only supported by some selected Apple phones. It has already been told that due to this ultra-wideband technology, one U1 chip detects a device with another U1 chip. Therefore, apart from the iPhone, it will not work on other phones. In iPhone, it can be used only in few versions, which already have a U1 chip.

The chip was also added in the latest version of Apple iPad, iPod, and Apple watch series 6, HomePod mini, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple company has assumed that in the future, some third-party devices will also support it.

However, some of BMW’s car keys are also equipped with an Apple U1 chip. Yes, it is a matter of comfort that if your AirTag is lost, you can find it by enabling the NFC of an Android phone.


Other features of AirTag

Voice over support facility will be available in Apple AirTag shortly. Through the voice on your phone, you will know how far you are from your lost product. It does not matter if someone is blind or short-sighted. You will learn from the phone itself and how much distance and direction (left / right) you have to cover.

A replaceable battery CR2032 is given in it, readily available in the market for 25-30 rupees. With this battery, you can quickly run this AirTag for one year without replacing the battery.

The biggest thing is that Apple AirTag is IP67 certified, which will protect your AirTag from dust and water.

Apple AirTag Tracker has a standalone speaker so that you can activate and play that speaker whenever your AirTag is lost. With the help of Siri, which is Apple’s Voice Assistant software, you can easily find the items tagged with AirTag.



If Apple AirTag tracker tag comes with android phone support, then its demand would be worldwide. Samsung has already started making ultra-wideband technology-enabled phones. There is already an available GPS tracker tag in the market supporting the android phone.

Apple keeps bringing its premium quality product to the market targetting only Apple’s premium customers. The demand for Apple AirTag is very less according to the market experts, as there are cheaper digital tags already available in the market.

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