Airtel Xstream Fiber – Airtel Offers Gigabit Internet

Airtel Xstream Fiber – Airtel Offers Gigabit Internet

Faster Internet! Faster Life! Airtel Xstream Fiber – Gigabit Internet is here.

The speed of the Internet getting faster day by day. Gigabit internet becoming available to consumers across the country in India. But is it really necessary? Gigabit Internet means a thousand megabit per second speed! But what reasons that you may want it actually? If you are a regular user and only browsing, chatting, and watching videos is your main purpose, then you should go for a normal broadband connection. Airtel Xstream Fiber is offering 1 Gbps speed for those who are doing more than these regular stuffs.

What bandwidth do you actually need?

For watching Netflix at ultra HD, a 25 Megabits per second connection is required, watching Youtube at ultra HD (4K) can easily be done with a 20 Mbps connection, but if you are downloading the online game and want to play lag-free, downloading so many huge files and backup in remote servers or video chatting with so many friends without any hindrance, then you must go for the 1 Gbps Wi-Fi Ultra-speed Broadband Connection. 

Airtel Xstream Fiber. Ultra-Fast Wify starting from just 3999/-

Bharati Airtel, one of the pioneers of India’s internet service providers, launched an ultra-fast Gbps Wi-Fi for a flawless experience. Stream high-quality videos or play online multiplayer high graphics games or backup large files in a remote server with virtually no buffering, enough bandwidth to do all at once. The Airtel Xstream Fiber plan by Airtel is starting at Rs. 3999/- per month, with 1 Wi-Fi router (Complimentary) and comes with OTT Content. This unlimited data plan fitted for those who are studying from home and taking online coaching by video conferencing. In this plan 8-10 people watch movies seamlessly with their personal gadgets connected with the Xstream Wi-Fi router. If you have a small office where stock trading or downloading huge files or doing video conferences with multiple participants, it is quite reliable and very helpful. If you are crazy about online games you can also enjoy this ultra-speed with zero downtime, zero lag internet, and download games within a few minutes. Airtel Xstream Fiber provides you with over 550 TV Channels, OTT Content, and over 10,000 movies and shows. Airtel is now India’s one of the largest broadband service providers with a presence in over 150 cities in India.

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