Acuva Solarix- a UV-C gadget that can save you from Corona!

Acuva Solarix- a UV-C gadget that can save you from Corona!

You have just received a parcel? Just wait. Please use just 10 seconds of Acuva Solarix a UV-Led gadget on it to disinfect it. If you touch any contaminated surface you may be a super spreader of this coronavirus. By using Acuva Solarix UV-C light you can eliminate almost all microbial contaminants and it is a very effective way to kill the virus immediately on the surface. UV-LED can protect us from this unprecedented time.



  • It is very powerful and it disinfects 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.
  • It is very safe to use and it is also made with a child care lock and protects from direct UV exposure.
  • A blue display guided the disinfected area.
  • No chemical, no odor, no residue.
  • Sanitize any clothes, tables, door handles, your keys, car steering, mobiles, etc with a couple of moments.


How Acuva Solarix UV-C Works

As you know, your drinking water purifier using UV light to kill the bacteria. Acuva Solarix using strong short-wavelength Ultra Violet radiation to destroy the nucleic acids of viruses. After using it, viruses are not able to perform vital cellular functions and cannot reproduce them. No chemicals are needed to kill the viruses. Acuva Solarix is also very effective on bacteria, cysts. UV is one of the well-accepted technologies to kill the virus worldwide.


Acuva Solarix UV-C specifications and price

Acuva Solarix is launched by Acuva Systems India Private Limited. It can use in the office, school, colleges, and any suspected contaminated surface. It is not using any chemical so you can use it without fear.

You can easily carry it somewhere in your pocket or a laptop bag. It takes 2 hours to fully charge. It has a Type-C port that easily charges the device. You can purchase from Amazon India with its Rs. 9,999. With the Acuva Solarix UV-C in the box, you get a pair of gloves and a type-C cable. It has a 3200 mAh battery. You can wear good UV-protected sunglasses before using them. Battery life is good enough to use one day without charge the device.

Acuva Solarix UV-C performance

The Acuva Solarix looks very attractive due to its portability. It can fold up to 270 degrees. It is very handy and carries anywhere. It can charge like your phone. Safety features are a big concern but it keeps in mind especially when designed it. Although, you must take double secure and keep your body part away from the direct focus of this gadget. You have to take care also of your eyes while using them. Do not focus on any mirror-like surface or substances.

Acuva Solarix UV-C is a foldable UV light device. It can also use with the allotted time and has a dedicated power button. Keep your child away while using this gadget.

Hold on any surface for about 10 seconds and switch off this Acuva Solarix. It sanitizes perfectly your suspected surface. Its effect increases over time. Simply put, if you move it for 10 seconds on a surface, up to 99.97 percent of bacteria or viruses can be eliminated.

Safety Measurements

This device is capable of eradicating of SARS-CoV-2 virus by 98 percent in 2 seconds, and over 99 percent in 10 seconds.  It has a child lock option, enable it when you are not using it. Acuva Solarix has also received a Bio-safety Level 3 (BSL-3) certificate from the Center for Disease Control America. CSIR-CSIO Chandigarh issued a certificate on using and safety features of Acuva Solarix.


There is no meter in it to tell us what percentage of bacteria has been eradicated and what percentage of bacteria or viruses are left.

So overall this is why Acuva Solarix can prove to be an important gadget for you like other gadgets in the Corona era. It is very handy and portable. It is easy to take it somewhere. It is very easy to use. If you are looking for a portable UV light sanitizer then Acuva Solarix UV-C will not disappoint.

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