5G Trials starting very soon in India!

5G Trials starting very soon in India!

The long wait for 5G is coming to an end very soon. India will soon become a 5G mobile network club member of the world. You will soon be able to enjoy the 5G network in India. India is not trailing far behind the developed countries in the race for implementing 5G technology in its telecom network. The approvals for the 5G trials in India have given to all telecom operators and the Government will also allow 5G spectrum to them for the time being for trial and testing. The 5G trial testing starting time is still not confirmed. The permission is given by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). A total of 13 telecom companies are approved by DoT who applied last year for a 5G trial.

As per the Government directive, no Chinese companies are not permitted to participate in these 5G trials in India. Telecom equipment manufacturing companies like Huawei, ZTE will not be granted permission to take part in these 5G trials in India as network equipment vendors.

BSNL, the state-run Telecom Operator,  has tied up with Coriat, a US-based company to take part in the 5G trials in India. In the last few months, Indian telcos have improved their technology and made their network suitable for the 5G technology roll-out.



  • The government of India has approved the application of 13 companies for 5G technology trials in the country.
  • Testing of 5G technology to be done in both rural and urban areas.
  • Jio has named Korean Company Samsung, Finnish Company Nokia, and Swedish Company Ericsson as priority vendors.
  • Vodafone-idea also applied for trial with Mavenir of America

Priority vendor Information

The Department of Telecommunication (DoT) asked to file the priority vendors’ names from all telecom companies willing to take part in 5G trials in India. Jio nominated Samsung, Nokia, and Ericsson. Jio also showing their urge to work on 5G Technology indigenously under the Make In India initiative. Bharati Airtel nominated Nokia as their priority vendor. Vodafone-idea is going with Mavenir of America.

Bharti Airtel did a successful 5G test over the commercial network and confirmed they are ready for a 5G roll-out. Bharti Airtel needs only regulatory approvals for enabling essential updates to flip the switch. Reliance Jio also confirmed their indigenous 5G network. Jio is working on making its own Massive-MIMO and 5G Small Cell equipment for commercial deployment. Reliance Jio supporting India’s “Make in India” and “Atmanirbhar Bharat” project.

It is assumed that DoT will provide 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz, 2300 MHz, 800 MHz, and 900 MHz bands for 5G networks to all telecom service providers who will get the final approval after the test.


5G benefits over 4G

Lower network latency will increased bandwidth and higher data transport capacity compared to the existing 4G network. It is expected to have a high impact on people’s daily life, work all over the world. 5G technology will give a boost to the service in virtual banking, remote medicine, smart cities, Augmented Reality, remote education, higher resolution i.e 4K and 8K videos, IoT, Big data analytics, and Artificial intelligence.


The airwaves will be provided with conditions

As per Central Government, official Telecom Companies will get 700 MHz bands for 5G trials very soon.


  1. Telecom Companies 5G Trials must cover both rural and urban areas.
  2. Security of the network must address with special attention.
  3. This 700 MHz band only use for the 5G Trial and cannot be treated as commercial operations. Otherwise, on involving with commercial operation with this band, serious action will take on that telecom company.

Cities already got 5G coverage over the World

5G network are available in 378 cities across 34 countries and increasing every month. South Korea has maximum cities i.e. 85 in the world. China has 57, the US with 50, and the UK has 31 cities enabled with a 5G network at present.



The 5G enabled phone already available in the Indian market. Affordable 5G ready phones are launching every month.

Indian Government should work on the 5G network faster and implement it across the country as early as possible to maintain the member as 5G.

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